My Recollections
Lithuanian contemporary music for cello and piano

David Geringas, cello
Tatjana Schatz-Geringas, piano
Petras Geniusas, piano

Catalog number 21012

Vytautas Barkauskas: Suite de concert, op.98 (1993)
Bronius Kutavicius: Rhythmus – Arhythmus (1993)
Anatolijus Senderovas: Due canti (1993)
Osvaldas Balakauskas: Dal vento (1999)
Mindaugas Urbaitis: Reminiscences (1999)


All recordings made under the supervision of the composer

“My Recolections is a collection of virtuoso show pieces and blissfully tuneful character pieces. These present a richly varied panorama of fine-sounding perspectives and are all marked by the memories of a common past which was corrupted by the political state of affairs.“

Die Welt


A co-production with the Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre