Friedhelm Döhl Edition

Bruchstücke Eine Annäherung an den Komponisten Friedhelm Döhl

Eine Annäherung an den Komponisten Friedhelm Döhl

A film by 
Günter Wallbrecht, Hugo Germán Gaido und Michael Dreyer

Catalog number: 21098

This is not a film biography - more an empathetic portrait of the restlessly productive, prolific composer and cultural initiator Friedhelm Döhl, embedded in the history of the German New Music movement over the past decades. Filmmaker Günter Wallbrecht and the two longtime producers, Michael Dreyer and Hugo Germán Gaido let not just companions of the composer from the worlds of music and politics have their say, but, above all, the composer himself. 


Friedhelm Döhl Edition Volume 17
Music for Violin and Cello

Carlos Johnson, Violin
Hans-Christian Schwarz, Violincello

catalog number: 21076

Since 2003 Dreyer.Gaido has been working on the Friedhelm Döhl Edition.

The result ist the maybe largest edition of recordings of a living German composer. The internationally great response proves the interest in Döhl’s oeuvre.

Performances and supporting documentation are admirable (Cambridge University Press)
Une voix des profondeurs dans le désert du présent (ClassiqueInfo-Disque)
Edition des Jahres 2009 (Tilman Urbach in Fono Forum)

Volume 17 is dedicated to Döhl’s works for violin and cello. Next to the solo sonatas you find duos that were composed for Carlos Johnson und Hans-Christian Schwarz: Bruchstücke zur Winterreise, Bagatellen and Sinfonia a due.

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